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Q: How much of this do I really get wrapped in? Some of the things I read in a “Numerology Kit” I bought on another site weren’t what I wanted to hear. Is it kind of like going to a psychic and just taking what you want or is there really face value to all this. Or is it just what someone wrote in a book to SELL? Help. I’m in a state of some confusion of where I want my life to go and thought numerology would be a guideline with value.

A: Don’t get too dismayed by any of it. First of all, you are not just “a number”, you are made up of many numbers and vibrations all working together to create a one of a kind, “you”. Some numbers/vibrations counteract others and some bring others into balance. It’s all part of the miracle of “You”, but it’s not meant to make you feel bad about your self or your prospects. There really is unlimited potential for each number. Every number represents a special aspect/talent/quality of ‘God’, or whatever you would call the Creative power of the universe. Not every author is conscious and knowledgeable (unfortunately),and the consciousness of the author is all you can expect to absorb. I don’t personally know about the author of the kit you are using, so I am in no way judging him/her or anyone in particular. The best test I’ve found is my own intuition and this is what I recommend to everybody. Try it out and test it for yourself. If something sounds untrue or makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s a sign that you are not in resonance with the author (they may be coming from a limited or negative point of view or focussing on the shallow side of each number in their explanations). A reading of any kind should ‘ring true’, be easy to acknowledge how it fits with who you are and ultimately it should make you feel as though this author knows you quite well for never having met you! You know yourself best and sometimes an author can write about you in a way that actually helps you to remember traits and strengths that you have forgotten to make use of – but you know in your gut when it’s true or false. I believe readings should be *uplifting* and affirmative. So ignore anything that doesn’t fit that as being ‘not for you’ and move on. They are only supposed to be helpful tools and not hard and fast ‘rules’. Have fun with it!

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Q: Hi there! this is a rather unusual question, can numerology determine the year a person is expected to die? I know this is not an appropriate question but I can guarantee you that I am a happily married mom of three beautiful children. I was listening to some friends one night over a dinner invitation talking about numerology and this subject came about. I think half of our company agreed that numerology can determine this while the other half said they were full of it! Can you help us settle this once and for all? We did agree that numerology determines many things but this sort of topic you never hear about! I appreciate your time and thank you very much.

A: I have to premise my answer with, ‘I’m not the final authority on the subject.” – obviously – but I have studied numerology for many years and I have to say that I’ve only run across one book/author who claimed that this was possible and I promptly shredded the pages (instead of just throwing it in the trash) so that no one could even accidentally find it again… The deepest part of me senses that our death is a mysterious matter that is just between us and our Creator. There may be many synchronistic phenomena numerologically or astrologically that have been in effect for some who have died – but those same elements could be ‘in influence’ preceding the birth of a child or quitting your job! I don’t believe we can – or should – know that information.

So I beware of anyone who claims to be able to determine this. For one thing – the power of our thought is ultimately Creative and self-fulfilling. I would almost prefer a pretend psychic who tells everyone that they’ll ‘come in to riches and will be happy for the rest of their days’ (this is fresh because I just got a letter in the mail yesterday that was all mass-produced like those ‘Ed McMahon’ Win 10 Million Dollars letters, and it was from a “psychic” who told me she had to write me right away because my name just “jumped off a page” and she wanted to share her psychic impressions with me – all good and prosperous news of course!… In the end, she was selling a rune necklace for my “protection”. I had to laugh at the absurdity – it was annoying and a little bit funny  – but also kind of scary because I thought about all of the people who will actually believe they need her necklace to protect them and that she might actually ‘know’ their future. I guess my point is, anyone who claims to know something about us – and that information frightens us or makes us feel anxious (even excited) – they are creating a sort of energy dependence out of our fear or excitement. Most of the time it’s on purpose (to sell you something), but, whether they know it or not, they are attempting to “feed” on your life energy and many are manipulated this way. So something as personal and ultimate as our death date, is not something I would give my ‘power’ to another to find out about. Number one, I truly don’t believe another can know our ‘result’. We can tell you the ‘influences’ and the particular tendencies of your life periods, but two different people could have completely different experiences during the same number’s influence and yet both will have ultimately gained a similar understanding from it. One person may leave their body behind, another may leave their old life behind by ending a marriage or a job or by going on a life-transforming diet. Both are going through transformation and endings, but with different results and through different experiences.

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Q: I recently became interested in numerology trying to find answers to questions surrounding events that have taken place in my life. I am divorced with a 3 year old son and I am looking to change our last name. I do not want to keep my married name, nor do I want to take back my maiden name. I am looking for a new name that will not adversely affect our destinies, but rather put us onto a more positive path. What is the best way to go about selecting a new last name for my son and myself?

A: Well, there are two of you, so you will have to make sure that the new name is supportive to both of your Life Path numbers. The very basics of a positive name change are:

1) Try to make sure your new name total is the same “gender” (odd or even number) as your Life Path numbers.

2) A full name total that reduces to a number larger than your Life Path helps to provide your Life Path with all of the vibrations it might be able to use to accomplish your soul purpose and make it ‘easier’ to attain.

Please remember that the original core numbers (from your son’s birth name) will not change, but you would be adding a new influence that will steer him in a new direction. If he’s a happy little boy now, you might consider just ‘rearranging’ his current surname to create a new name with the same letters (you can add *i’s* and *r’s* to keep the same core vibration as they vibrate to 9 and therefore don’t change the final number). Make sure to really analyze his name numbers and his Life Path so that you understand why he came in (was born) with that combination and then follow your intuition as to the new surname that will benefit you both.

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Q: Can Numerology help me, or anyone using it, determine if a person I want to date is Gay, or Straight, or Bisexual? Can numbers in a person, reveal if that someone is any of the 3 that I listed?

A: That’s a very interesting question that you pose…thankfully, that’s still a personal issue and not at all reliably verifiable using numerology or astrology. There are masculine/active numbers and feminine/passive numbers and many men are exploring life through the perspective of more feminine energies (numbers) than masculine and the same goes for women who have more masculine energies. The effects can definitely be seen but sexual preference does not always match up with the balance of masculine to feminine numbers in a person’s chart. In the same way, astrology can tell you if a person has ‘issues’ with father or mother or heightened sexuality etc.. but it can not accurately say that someone is Gay, Bi or Straight any more than it can say if you are male or female.

This being the case, it makes you wonder what that really means anyway? Numerology and like subjects are telling us about the energies, the colors that make up our own personal rainbow. It doesn’t seem that those 3 choices exist at the higher levels of vibration – just different rates of vibration that we ‘humans’ translate into form and feel much better if we can give the result a name ? When we choose other humans to intermingle with in life, we are really attracting a set of vibrations that flow in harmony with our own. Perfection and life is in the ‘balance’ of energies and destruction is a result of an overabundance in any area. So very feminine energies will want to be with masculine energies to create balance and vice versa. Sometimes ‘like’ energies get together, for instance, a more feminine man with a feminine woman, in order to evoke the balancing response in each. This may bring out more of the masculine traits of one or both of them in order to create that balance.

On a related note, some numbers (and astrological placements) are just more sexual than others and this may be more telling than anything else. You still can’t tell “whom” they want to have sex with as far as same-sex, both-sexes, opposite-sex, but each number has their own ‘sexual style’.

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Q: How will knowing my numbers help me?

Why understanding your ‘symphony of vibrations’ can save you years of unnecessary pain and guilt.

The first step to attracting and recognizing the True Love of your life is to first “Know Thyself”, as inscribed on the Sun god Apollo’s Oracle of Delphi temple in ancient Greece. Knowing your Self means that you know who you genuinely are – inside, at the heart and soul level, and you know what you need and where you are going.. You know what you are meant to do with this life. Numerology, when accurately understood, is one tool that offers an almost “illegal entry” into the deeper recesses of a person’s psyche and it is so accurate because all things are essentially “vibration” or energy wave patterns and the root of all manifestation is at the quantum level, mathematical.. Numbers and letter-sounds that resonate to specific numerical ‘qualities’.

Once we understand our true selves, our responsibility is to be TRUE to ourselves.. Or as one soulfully aware poet so beautifully put it;

“This above all: to thine own self, be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”
– William Shakespeare

With practice, some can become so tapped-in, so intuitively open and clear that they can easily feel what is ‘right’ for them and what is absolutely not. For others, the edges can blur and the natural ability to detect what is ‘good’ for us can be distracted by other elements of our psychology that we are working to heal and evolve.. Even the foods, the water and the air we consume and the electrical interferences all around us can blur our intuitive perceptions to the point that we can sometimes feel like a pinball being randomly bounced from bell to whistle.

But life only ‘feels’ out of control when we can’t see through to the practical “mathematics” behind all things. The predictable calculations of cause and effect that we can observe and learn to use for our own good. Accurately interpreted numerological insights can be the signposts that guide us through the cacophony of choices we have before us.

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Q: – Thank you for the insight as to who we are and why we are. But I am new to this and am stumped as to exactly which of all these numbers that I “am”. For example in the number meanings, which of these numbers do I use to find my one meaning?

A: As far as what you say when someone asks, “whats your number?”, most people mean the Life Path or Expression number while others just mean your birthday. All of your core name and birth date numbers are your “lucky numbers” in their own ways, however, anything that resonates with your Life Path will help your life purpose, while things that resonate with your Expression will feel easy and comfortable. People and things that resonate with your Soul Urge will feel compelling and will speak to your heart, while people and things that vibrate to your Personality will feel like they support your outer image and bring forth more of that.

Think of it like this; your “Soul Urge” is that which your heart knows is right for you. It is the magnet that pulls your attention when you are allowing yourself to “go with the flow.” When we live our lives according to “our truth” we are living in harmony with our Souls Urge. Your “Personality” describes the way you carry this out physically. How you seem to the world around you and the way you go about taking care of business. Together, the Soul Urge and Personality make up your unique, total “Expression” which is who you are on the whole. What you were and are – from birth. Talents, and weaknesses and the essence of “you”. When you change your name, you don’t change the true essence of you, but you do alter the types of desires and experiences you have and the way you appear to others. When you compare yourself to another, the best way to determine your ‘deepest level’ of compatibility is to use the full birth names. Comparing ‘current names’, signature names or stage names tells you more about your day-to-day compatibility rather than ‘soul-connection’ and longevity. The Life Path Destiny number, which is derived from your birth date, describes the major purpose of your life, or your life mission. It’s the course you are on and will be redirected to again and again. It’s the character you are learning to become and the space you are born to fill. This is where your whole life is leading, your purpose and ultimate intention in this life. There are many many additional aspects to be calculated from your name and birthdate, but these can give you the main idea of who you are and where you are going.

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Q: I just discovered your site while researching for a school project and find it very interesting. Can you tell me where it came from? Who invented numerology?

Here’s some background on numerology: Modern numerology is based on the understanding of ancient “archetypal” philosophies set forth by Pythagorus, the Kabbalists (Qabalists), the Egyptians, the Chaldeans and others. Western numerology is usually attributed to Pythagorus, “the Father of Mathematics” alone, however, it has been also been said that he learned it while studying spiritual philosophy in Egypt. There has been evidence of the mystical relevance of numbers as archetypes from the earliest recorded history and from many cultures. Modern Numerology is based on the premise, as Pythagoras taught, that numbers are the building blocks of all life and all creation. Everything can be reduced to a number and every number has an energetic “personality” which can be related to other known things such as; the character and personality of Greek and Roman gods and goddesses as the astrologers defined the planets, colors, sound frequencies, days of the week, and all manner of personality traits that the ancients observed and labeled. So, numbers achieved a symbolic personality and meaning of their own, which could be used to understand the truth about things and also their “purpose”.

Pythagorus was probably the first to incorporate this knowledge into a logic-based philosophy, a major tool he and his followers used to seek Truth and discover the nature of things. To the Kabbalists, if an object had the same numerical value as another thing, then the two could be used interchangeably to mean the same thing as the other, and would be assumed to be related to the other in meaning and purpose. This practice, called gematria was used all throughout the Old Testament in the bible to “code” important and secret teachings. The ancient practice of Tarot is closely intertwined with numerology and the two work together very well. Each card in the Tarot corresponds symbolically to a number so an understanding of each can greatly enhance one’s work with either.

Today, there is a finely tuned and remarkably accurate practice of numerology, largely made so by a woman named, Mrs. L. Dow Balliett. She actually helped to “un-shroud” this subject and make it accessible, which had previously been mostly hidden, studied and practiced in various versions by the Pythagoreans, Qabalists (Qabalah – “secret wisdom”), Sufis (enneagram), Christian Hermetic and many other esoteric “schools.” The modern day version of Pythagorean numerology has been refined and added to by the intuition, dedication and long years of research and practice of numerous numerologists.

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Q: This might seem like a weird question, but some reports that I ran at another website are making me ask it. Do 4 people get along with 6 people? Can they have a successful relationship? Under Numerology, is there a way for me to tell whether my husband and I have a karmic relationship?

A: 4 people get along famously with 6 people. They are both balanced, even numbers and have many of the same natural priorities; responsibility, caretaking, order/esthetic beauty… They are both “earthy” numbers, stable and loyal. They evolve through caring for others. Be careful about all that you read out there in cyberspace.. There is a lot of accidental misinformation and confusion, especially when you try to blend Eastern and Western perspectives or apply Astrology to Numerology. If you try to assign a planetary personality to a number to fit it into astrology, you can get confusing information. Astrologically, the Moon can be at odds with Mercury but this has nothing to do with whether a *numerological* number 4 is compatible with a *numerological* number 6. I believe you got your Soul Mate Synergy report done with your husband? That report measured the compatibility between each of your aspects and then described your composite numbers (Synergy), which paint a sort of picture of the relationship as if it were a separate entity (which it is!). You didn’t share any of the ‘same’ numbers which usually speak of “love/friendship at first sight”, however, you have mostly compatible numbers (only the Soul Urge numbers are ‘challenged’ by each other and this is more about your inner motivations and dreams: His dreams are more about stability and certainty and yours are more adventurous and risk-taking.) All of the rest are perfectly compatible with two unique people sharing a multi-faceted life. You both have Master number Destiny’s too.

The karmic ties that draw soul to soul cannot be limited by astrology and numerology. It’s a forever mystery and I think it’s good that way. We can find ‘hints’ via astrology and numerology, but these ‘methods’ can never fully define the mysteries of Soul Mates. Many times ‘soul mates’ have the most incompatible astrology charts! and their numbers may hint more at the truth of their connection. Are you soul mates who came to work out past hurts? Or are you soul mates who came to support each other on your paths? Are you soul mates who agreed to stay together forever to learn about love and loyalty? Or soul mates who agreed to play a specific role and move on?… I see friendship and support in your numbers with your husband rather than intense ‘karmic’ patterns to be overcome. Your numbers are ‘friendly’ and supportive and there seems to be longevity. That’s not to say that there aren’t difficulties, but just that you are both the types to stick in and work them out. You both instinctively know that you must take the ‘higher road’ due to your Master Number Destinies.

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Q: It is amazing to me how accurate your numerology program is in determining the personas of me and my friends. When calculating your soul urge, persona, and expression numbers, should the Jr. (for junior) be calculated in the name as well?

A: Jr., Sr., II, III, etc. are generational suffixes that distinguish people who share the same name within a family. Traditionally, they are not normally calculated in the name because they are intended to delegate order within in a family lineage and not a true part of a name. I have, however, done readings for people who have “Jr” written on their birth certificate and it does create a more accurate report. I would suggest using the free calculators on this site to determine which analysis sounds more “true” and use that name in the paid reports, especially if it’s included on the birth certificate. There is no instance where “Sr” would be on a birth certificate, so I would not consider that as part of the name. Roman numerals “II” or “III” and so on are also indications of birth order, so they would not be used either.

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Q: I am getting married on July 17th and have been trying to decide whether or not I should change my surname, I have several reports but would like some advice in general. I would appreciate any help you can give me.

A: Changing your name can alter your life-attractions for better or for worse (as they say). If you like the way you feel and the way your life is going, you can choose to not change your name. But, if you have checked out your ‘new’ potential name on iDivine, and it sounds like a person you’d be drawn to, and would like to “become”, then it may be something that your inner-being is choosing to ‘grow’ into, and this marriage is a way to incorporate these new traits into your make-up.

Remember, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with not taking on your husband’s name and in fact it can be a real way to draw out the best in the relationship because you have not symbolically merged your ‘self’ into his. There is plenty of merging that still goes on, and symbolically trading your family name for his is a very old tradition which still has a profound and very ‘real’ consequence.

Your last name (surname) represents your family ‘inheritance’ – all of the talents and traits bestowed upon you from your family lineage. The US is a patriarchal society, so only the father’s lineage is “valued” in this way, however, in Native American society the mother’s lineage is most highly valued. Many other societies use both parent’s family names. Keep in mind that by taking on your husband’s family name, you will also have access to his family’s vibration of success or otherwise, and while this won’t be strong enough to blank out your birth name vibration, it can attract experiences and ‘thought patterns’ (attitudes) that you may or may not want to claim as your own. So, I’d look into that for sure and in the same way, see if your own family ‘attitudes’ are something you want to keep around! Hyphenating both names is another option.

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