In-Depth Readings

“These reports were so helpful and healing for me, I find myself wanting to buy them for everyone in my life that means something to me, or people I connect with.”

Numerology In Depth Full Personal Reading

In-Depth Personal – $33.00

Learn how your name reveals the talents and attracts the experiences that you will use to complete the journey of your Birth Mission. Find out the quickest route to the love, success and happiness that you have always desired! In Depth Personal is a favorite among life coaches and those wanting to know their innate character and their life purpose.

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Numerology Name Meaning Reading

Name Meaning – $22.00

Find out the true meaning of your name, presented in an in-depth yet easy to understand report. A powerful, lucky and talented name is MUCH more than it’s origin or it’s historical popularity. The Name Consciousness report is a favorite for new parents wanting to find the perfect baby names and anyone thinking about changing their name for the better.

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Numerology Birth Purpose Reading

Birth Mission – $22.00

What if you could be shown a shortcut that could get you well on your way to fulfilling your true Life Purpose? Your Birth Mission is the ultimate destination of your life journey and describes the kind of person your are meant to become in order to fulfill your destiny. Makes a great gift for any occasion! All you need is the birth date.

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Numerology Soulmate Love Compatibility Report

Soul Mate Synergy – $33.00

Soul Mate Synergy is more than a compatibility report. The In-Depth Synergy Report details your: Synergy numbers, Soul Mate Ties, Karmic Connections, Magic Wands, color codes, double digit interpretations, Master Numbers, Testing Numbers and more. Soul Mate Synergy is the most soul-level, illuminating, compatibility report you will find!

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