How will knowing my numbers help me?

Q: How will knowing my numbers help me?

Why understanding your ‘symphony of vibrations’ can save you years of unnecessary pain and guilt.

The first step to attracting and recognizing the True Love of your life is to first “Know Thyself”, as inscribed on the Sun god Apollo’s Oracle of Delphi temple in ancient Greece. Knowing your Self means that you know who you genuinely are – inside, at the heart and soul level, and you know what you need and where you are going.. You know what you are meant to do with this life. Numerology, when accurately understood, is one tool that offers an almost “illegal entry” into the deeper recesses of a person’s psyche and it is so accurate because all things are essentially “vibration” or energy wave patterns and the root of all manifestation is at the quantum level, mathematical.. Numbers and letter-sounds that resonate to specific numerical ‘qualities’.

Once we understand our true selves, our responsibility is to be TRUE to ourselves.. Or as one soulfully aware poet so beautifully put it;

“This above all: to thine own self, be true,
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.”
– William Shakespeare

With practice, some can become so tapped-in, so intuitively open and clear that they can easily feel what is ‘right’ for them and what is absolutely not. For others, the edges can blur and the natural ability to detect what is ‘good’ for us can be distracted by other elements of our psychology that we are working to heal and evolve.. Even the foods, the water and the air we consume and the electrical interferences all around us can blur our intuitive perceptions to the point that we can sometimes feel like a pinball being randomly bounced from bell to whistle.

But life only ‘feels’ out of control when we can’t see through to the practical “mathematics” behind all things. The predictable calculations of cause and effect that we can observe and learn to use for our own good. Accurately interpreted numerological insights can be the signposts that guide us through the cacophony of choices we have before us.

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