Which of these numbers is “my main number”?

Q: – Thank you for the insight as to who we are and why we are. But I am new to this and am stumped as to exactly which of all these numbers that I “am”. For example in the number meanings, which of these numbers do I use to find my one meaning?

A: As far as what you say when someone asks, “whats your number?”, most people mean the Life Path or Expression number while others just mean your birthday. All of your core name and birth date numbers are your “lucky numbers” in their own ways, however, anything that resonates with your Life Path will help your life purpose, while things that resonate with your Expression will feel easy and comfortable. People and things that resonate with your Soul Urge will feel compelling and will speak to your heart, while people and things that vibrate to your Personality will feel like they support your outer image and bring forth more of that.

Think of it like this; your “Soul Urge” is that which your heart knows is right for you. It is the magnet that pulls your attention when you are allowing yourself to “go with the flow.” When we live our lives according to “our truth” we are living in harmony with our Souls Urge. Your “Personality” describes the way you carry this out physically. How you seem to the world around you and the way you go about taking care of business. Together, the Soul Urge and Personality make up your unique, total “Expression” which is who you are on the whole. What you were and are – from birth. Talents, and weaknesses and the essence of “you”. When you change your name, you don’t change the true essence of you, but you do alter the types of desires and experiences you have and the way you appear to others. When you compare yourself to another, the best way to determine your ‘deepest level’ of compatibility is to use the full birth names. Comparing ‘current names’, signature names or stage names tells you more about your day-to-day compatibility rather than ‘soul-connection’ and longevity. The Life Path Destiny number, which is derived from your birth date, describes the major purpose of your life, or your life mission. It’s the course you are on and will be redirected to again and again. It’s the character you are learning to become and the space you are born to fill. This is where your whole life is leading, your purpose and ultimate intention in this life. There are many many additional aspects to be calculated from your name and birthdate, but these can give you the main idea of who you are and where you are going.

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