Sexual Preference – Can you tell sexual orientation by the numbers?

Q: Can Numerology help me, or anyone using it, determine if a person I want to date is Gay, or Straight, or Bisexual? Can numbers in a person, reveal if that someone is any of the 3 that I listed?

A: That’s a very interesting question that you pose…thankfully, that’s still a personal issue and not at all reliably verifiable using numerology or astrology. There are masculine/active numbers and feminine/passive numbers and many men are exploring life through the perspective of more feminine energies (numbers) than masculine and the same goes for women who have more masculine energies. The effects can definitely be seen but sexual preference does not always match up with the balance of masculine to feminine numbers in a person’s chart. In the same way, astrology can tell you if a person has ‘issues’ with father or mother or heightened sexuality etc.. but it can not accurately say that someone is Gay, Bi or Straight any more than it can say if you are male or female.

This being the case, it makes you wonder what that really means anyway? Numerology and like subjects are telling us about the energies, the colors that make up our own personal rainbow. It doesn’t seem that those 3 choices exist at the higher levels of vibration – just different rates of vibration that we ‘humans’ translate into form and feel much better if we can give the result a name ? When we choose other humans to intermingle with in life, we are really attracting a set of vibrations that flow in harmony with our own. Perfection and life is in the ‘balance’ of energies and destruction is a result of an overabundance in any area. So very feminine energies will want to be with masculine energies to create balance and vice versa. Sometimes ‘like’ energies get together, for instance, a more feminine man with a feminine woman, in order to evoke the balancing response in each. This may bring out more of the masculine traits of one or both of them in order to create that balance.

On a related note, some numbers (and astrological placements) are just more sexual than others and this may be more telling than anything else. You still can’t tell “whom” they want to have sex with as far as same-sex, both-sexes, opposite-sex, but each number has their own ‘sexual style’.

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