Numerology Aspect Meanings

Name Consciousness

Your name at birth was a set up! It set the stage for who you would become and the people and events you would be likely to attract. It helped to shape your perspective of life, your energy level and your attitudes. It helped to determine your level of self-esteem and your future potential for success or for struggle. Everything is energy in motion. Everything, including you – is like a powerful, broadcasting satellite – emanating distinct, vibrational frequencies that magnetically attract your experiences. What frequency is your name set to?

Soul Urge

Your Soul Urge – The Song of Your Soul – A Deeper Look Into What Motivates You. The Soul Urge number has also been called Heart’s Desire and Spiritual Urge. It is our secret, innermost longing. Our dream, our motivation, the fuel that energizes our journey. The Soul Urge number reveals what we secretly strive to be or accomplish. Some have said that this number tells us what we have been in previous lifetimes, the accumulated growth of our soul.

Your Personality – The Impression You Make upon the World. The Personality number describes the way we appear to the outside world, the first impression people have of us. We may not even be aware of how we are perceived by others because we are so often focused on our inner world, and many times the inner does not match the outer. Personality gives us a peek at some hidden talents we have. The talents that we use to get along in the world and in some instances, protect us from it. It is likened to a bag of tools (jewels) that we carry with us along the way.

Your Expression – Character, Talents and Identity – Your Unique Quality of Consciousness. The Expression number shows us who we truly are, what we came into this life already knowing. This is where we feel most comfortable and how we automatically act. We attract people and situations to us that require our Expression so that they can further evolve. In this way we play the role of teacher. Naturally we are attracted to occupations that we resonate to, so the Expression number can be a strong factor in our choice of a career as well. Our Expression is the vehicle, with all its virtues and vices, that drives us along the path of our Destiny. It is the essence of our identity.
Birth Mission

Calculations using your birth date describe the force that is guiding your life into the direction that you are meant to go. Your Life Path and it’s challenges and opportunities are found in the calculations of your full birth date. Like every path to any goal, your Life Path is made up of smaller cycles and segments of smaller paths that last for set durations. Using your Birth Date we can even microscope down into the details of your Life Path to understand the goals of the current year, month and day.
Life Path

The Life Path number describes the life lessons that we have come here to learn. It reveals to us the path we must take, and the role we must play to fulfill our mission. Often our choice of career is based on this vibration, and if not, then it will manifest through avocational pursuits. We may attract people and experiences into our lives that mirror the traits of this number for us, so that we may develop into our highest potential. We don’t always welcome our life lessons, so it is a possibility that we may even feel an aversion to the characteristics of our Life Path number in other people, and we may ourselves act the opposite. In spite of the many ways we may choose to react to this force within us, we have been gifted with all of the talents and energy needed to fulfill our Life Path – our true, Life’s Purpose.

Your Attitude number, like your Birth Day tells us more about how you initially come across to others. Your Attitude is the method that you discovered – during your formative years – that worked best for you and helped you to get what you needed. It became deeply ingrained because it works so well, but it can often throw people off as far as who they think you are and what they expect you to be like once they get to know you better. If it is very much different than your Birth Day number and your Life Path then people will reflect back to you this inconsistency and you may attract people on the basis of your Attitude that are not really compatible to your true self.
Birth Day

Like the Attitude number, the number of our day of birth also provides a quick “snap-shot” of our general nature, however our Birth Day qualities remain a true part of our overall nature while our Attitude is a habitual way of being that can change with effort. Our Birth Day is closely related to our ‘moon nature’ in astrology and this part of our nature was developed in early life. It describes some special talents and distinctive characteristics that we have cultivated since early childhood. Our Birth Day tells us about our emotional and instinctive responses to life’s offerings where our Attitude shows the way that we might *act* rather than how we truly feel.

The Life Path is divided into 3 great cycles, each governing us for specific durations throughout our life. The Seed Cycle begins at birth and colors our experiences through childhood and adolescence. During the year nearest our 28th birthday, we move into the Fruit Cycle which remains throughout the middle part of our life until the year nearest our 56th birthday, and the Harvest Cycle carries on from there. Taken all together, the Cycles show us the particular path, a sort of ‘minor life path’, that will lead to the fulfillment of our Life Purpose.

The four Pinnacles reveal the high spots, the fruitful Opportunities that we are likely to encounter as we move along the path towards our Life Purpose.. The 1st Pinnacle lasts from birth to around age 28. The 2nd Pinnacle lasts for 9 years after that, until around the age of 37. The 3rd Pinnacle lasts 9 more years, until around the age of 46 and the 4th Pinnacle carries on through the rest of our life. Pinnacles are ‘lucky streaks’. They are like sudden inheritances from a benevolent relative, they can transform the prevailing energies completely and suddenly. It is useful to look ahead and prepare for our Pinnacles so that we can maximize their gifts to us and shape them into the most positive learning experiences.

As our lives evolve in cycles towards the realization of our Life Purpose and as we enter new Pinnacles of attainment, we might find that what used to work well for us in the past, really isn’t having the same positive effect in our present. During our early life we develop our original “Attitude” which was described earlier in the report. This earliest Attitude was a ‘character strength’ cultivated in response to the circumstances of our childhood environment and it remains a deep-seated part of us, however like our *progressed* chart in astrology, our changing Pinnacles point out new influences and experiences that are strengthening our character in a positive way and the best way to maximize the rewards of this new phase is to adopt new Attitudes and behaviors that allow these influences to manifest more easily.


The Challenges show us the major influences demanding our attention during our lifetime. These influences are aspects of ourselves that need to be brought into balance and harmonized into a healthier expression because they can thwart our efforts and frustrate our desires for a happy life. These are tendencies within that challenge us by either an exaggeration of the associated qualities or a lack of them, both of which are extremes which need to be brought into a healthy balance – either by self control and moderation or by concerted effort to conquer the inner resistance to their expression.

While all of your Challenges are present at birth, some come into prominence at specific intervals. The 1st Challenge begins at birth and shifts into the 2nd Challenge at around age 28-32 then the 2nd Challenge is active throughout ‘midlife’ until age 56 or so. The 3rd Challenge is called a ‘Lifetime Challenge’. It is a Challenge that is simultaneously active throughout your entire life. We shift into the 4th Challenge in late ‘midlife’ – around the age of 56-60 and this becomes our predominant Challenge for the remainder of life.

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