Testing Numbers

The Testing Numbers, or the ‘Karmic Debts’ as they are sometimes called, represent important tasks which, once ‘mastered’, (acknowledged, accepted, transformed and turned into a talent), can lead to regeneration, maturity and extraordinary strength in the area’s specific to that number. Special effort is required to bring these forces back into balance. Acknowledgment is the first power-step toward reconciling the ‘debt’ represented by each ‘Testing Number’ and the key to it’s mastery is non-resistance to the lesson.

Without awareness, these energies can create repeating patterns of frustration and disappointment in our lives but with effort, this special task – set in motion by the Law of Balance (Karma) – can lead to great inner and outer rewards that might be impossible without the added incentive provided by the Testing Number energy.

Testing Number 13

The remedy to the 13/4 Testing Number is the ‘Right Use of Work’; the willingness to do the work required in every situation. This lesson is about digging in and getting ‘up to the elbows’ in the task at hand and not looking for an ‘easier’, faster or shorter way. Patience is necessary and most of all the willingness to ‘just do it’. Great rewards are in store for the 13/4 who can master this lesson.

Testing Number 14

The remedy to the 14/5 Testing Number is the ‘Right Use of Freedom’; developing the necessary self-discipline and self-control to bring balance, stability and endurance to your life experiences.  This lesson is about bringing scattered attention into focus and thereby achieving ‘effectiveness’ in life. The person working with 14/5 is like an information/experience/sensation ‘sponge’. The tendency is to accumulate ‘data’ and then to slip away into another experience before any real depth of understanding is gained. This leads to a superficial knowledge of many subjects without the depth to really master any one of them. “A rolling stone gathers no moss”, as the saying goes.

Testing Number 16

The remedy to the 16/7 Testing Number is the ‘Right Use of Faith’; recognizing and trusting in the power of a Higher Resource, Higher Love and a Higher Plan – all accessible from within the self. This lesson is about tapping into this Higher stream and trusting your inner guidance to carry you down the right path. The challenges that occur for the 16/7 are directly related to the ego-mind. There can be a kind of intellectually based ‘spiritual arrogance’ that develops out of the 7’s ability to deeply analyze, the 6’s critical eye for perfection and imperfection and the 1’s egotistical leanings.

Testing Number 19

The remedy to the 19/1 Testing Number is the ‘Right Use of Power’; to channel the powerful, creative energy into healthy, honest and useful pursuits that benefit others.  This lesson is about learning to stand on your own without alienating others by a show of fierce independence, intimidation or self-centeredness in order to do so. Understanding ‘inter-dependence’ is an important lesson for 19/1. Pent up energy (anger, sexual frustration, insecurity) can build to explosive proportions and be released in inappropriate and self-destructive ways. The 19/1 must make the effort to be a loving force in the lives of others – to put the needs of others before their own. Authenticity, (presenting your true self to the world and not just the personality-mask you have adopted as a shield), is a major step toward mastering this Testing Number energy.

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