Suffix – Do I include “Jr” or “Sr” in the name?

Q: It is amazing to me how accurate your numerology program is in determining the personas of me and my friends. When calculating your soul urge, persona, and expression numbers, should the Jr. (for junior) be calculated in the name as well?

A: Jr., Sr., II, III, etc. are generational suffixes that distinguish people who share the same name within a family. Traditionally, they are not normally calculated in the name because they are intended to delegate order within in a family lineage and not a true part of a name. I have, however, done readings for people who have “Jr” written on their birth certificate and it does create a more accurate report. I would suggest using the free calculators on this site to determine which analysis sounds more “true” and use that name in the paid reports, especially if it’s included on the birth certificate. There is no instance where “Sr” would be on a birth certificate, so I would not consider that as part of the name. Roman numerals “II” or “III” and so on are also indications of birth order, so they would not be used either.

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