Who Do you Love?

Do you know who your soul desires?

Who does your soul love?

The Soul Urge, much like the “descendant” or the 7th house in the astrological chart, describes the type of person our soul is looking for and guess what!? It’s this same number that tells us about our own “true essence” our secret self, and sometimes it describes the aspects of ourselves we deny or project onto our mate for expression. Get to know (become like) your own Soul and you will automatically attract it’s perfect match!

Soul Desire Romance Tables

Read the descriptions below for all of your personal numbers, (Expression, Soul Urge, Personality and Destiny) and see how all four describe an aspect of your perfect mate. If you don’t know your numbers, get them here:

Number 1 Soul Urge

Fire is the spice of life! You want a lover who stands out in a crowd. A leader, an innovator or a President will do. You like em’ strong, buff and agile. Courageous, bold and fearless. You will know it’s them by the way they know what they want and they assume they can have it. The almost aggressive way they approach you when you first meet – making you take notice! Honesty is #1. You can depend on them to be truthful, even though it may scrape at times. This person is the essence of creativity and self assertion.

Number 2 Soul Urge

You like them soft, lovey-dovey even. Male or female, they must be pretty to look at (long hair on men is so sexy!) and eager to listen to you. They are the epitome of compassion and empathy and are the true romantics. You will know them by their calming voice and the way it caresses your ears. The eyes have a gentleness and warmth about them. People underestimate their quiet, easy-going natures and may never know their intuitive wisdom. They have staying power. They are loyal, stable and kind to children and animals.

Number 3 Soul Urge

Fun! fun! fun! and good lookin’ too! Your perfect one is a vision to behold, a super-model a Venus de Milo, a movie star… Everybody else should also think so. You will know them by their ready laugh – it will tickle one in you. They make people feel GOOD about themselves. They’re born communicators, talk talk talk, and you could listen to their stories for hours. They’re flirty, playful and spirited. They remind you of who you are.

Number 4 Soul Urge

The Rock of Gibraltar, steady, strong and effective. They’re earthy and grounded and “real”. No nonsense is their middle name. You can count on them to bring stability to your life. Order, morals and commitment as well. They will be “master of their fate” and physically self-aware. You will recognize the durability in their eyes.

Number 5 Soul Urge

Go to the bookstore! You will find them there, engrossed in a travel guide, a technology manual or a psychology book. No, not that one sitting in the corner chair, the other one over there, standing so they can quickly move on to the next subject. Your true love is an information lover and an explorer to the core. There’s an unmistakable sex appeal to that voracious appetite for experience. They’re adventurers, they’ll try anything once and they’ll take you on the wildest ride of your life.

Number 6 Soul Urge

In their arms, the world goes away. Your love is the nurturing type. Patient, kind, and compassionate. Children bloom in their presence and your “inner child” will do the same. Their family means the world to them and they will take you into their nest and call you their own before they get your last name. You’ll know they’re “the one” after the first home cooked meal.

Number 7 Soul Urge

You may meet them at the record store as you both reach for the same *Enigma* CD. All at once you’ll know what they knew the minute they saw you walk in the store as they watched you while remaining safely tucked behind their invisibility shield from where they observe all of the meaningful events in their lives. They’re not easy to know – a mystery, but this is part of the attraction. Once they fix their piercing attention on you though – you will find nowhere to hide. Their silence speaks volumes.

Number 8 Soul Urge

There’s something about powerful, influential people that’s a real turn on for you. Your perfect mate is a manifestor extraordinaire a mover and a shaker. Their confidence, vitality and strength exudes from their presence and they command respect no matter their station in life. Abundance follows them around and they like nothing better than showering it all over you. They love constant admiration and will reward you dearly for it.

Number 9 Soul Urge

Regal, sophisticated and benevolent is the air your lover has. They seem as though they stepped out of a time machine, from somewhere during the middle ages or from King Arthur’s court. There’s a sweet confidence, a selfless wisdom that shines in their eyes and you feel that they really do “know”. Their generosity expands to everyone and anyone who enters their environment, for why else would they have come? They believe in a deeper meaning, a Higher Love and a perfect world just a hairs breadth away.

Number 11 Soul Urge

Blend #1 and #2 plus supersonic divine inspiration and you’ll understand why they’re so hard to find! They are a divine dichotomy, masculine and feminine, an extroverted introvert. Wise beyond their years and positively empathic. They emanate an unspoken wisdom and can answer most of humanity’s innermost questions.

Number 22 Soul Urge

Blend #2 and #4 and add a tablespoon of intensity to 2 cups of “mission”. Stir in some philanthropy and knead, then form into building blocks of lasting creativity. Bake until inspiration becomes firmly realized in the physical world.

Number 33 Soul Urge

Blend #3 and #6 and add a mystical quality and a sort of supernatural “protection” – a direct line to God’s private quarters, so to speak. Besides a natural clairvoyance, there’s the ability to emotionally influence (aka create) reality by use of the imagination coupled with strong emotion. Basically, they are magicians.

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I have been here before,
But when or how I cannot tell:
I know the grass beyond the door,
The sweet keen smell,
The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.
You have been mine before,–
How long ago I may not know:
But just when at that swallow’s soar
Your neck turn’d so,
Some veil did fall,–I knew it all of yore.
Has this been thus before?
And shall not thus time’s eddying flight
Still with our lives our love restore
In death’s despite,
And day and night yield one delight once more.


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