Does numerology have real value?

Q: How much of this do I really get wrapped in? Some of the things I read in a “Numerology Kit” I bought on another site weren’t what I wanted to hear. Is it kind of like going to a psychic and just taking what you want or is there really face value to all this. Or is it just what someone wrote in a book to SELL? Help. I’m in a state of some confusion of where I want my life to go and thought numerology would be a guideline with value.

A: Don’t get too dismayed by any of it. First of all, you are not just “a number”, you are made up of many numbers and vibrations all working together to create a one of a kind, “you”. Some numbers/vibrations counteract others and some bring others into balance. It’s all part of the miracle of “You”, but it’s not meant to make you feel bad about your self or your prospects. There really is unlimited potential for each number. Every number represents a special aspect/talent/quality of ‘God’, or whatever you would call the Creative power of the universe. Not every author is conscious and knowledgeable (unfortunately),and the consciousness of the author is all you can expect to absorb. I don’t personally know about the author of the kit you are using, so I am in no way judging him/her or anyone in particular. The best test I’ve found is my own intuition and this is what I recommend to everybody. Try it out and test it for yourself. If something sounds untrue or makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s a sign that you are not in resonance with the author (they may be coming from a limited or negative point of view or focussing on the shallow side of each number in their explanations). A reading of any kind should ‘ring true’, be easy to acknowledge how it fits with who you are and ultimately it should make you feel as though this author knows you quite well for never having met you! You know yourself best and sometimes an author can write about you in a way that actually helps you to remember traits and strengths that you have forgotten to make use of – but you know in your gut when it’s true or false. I believe readings should be *uplifting* and affirmative. So ignore anything that doesn’t fit that as being ‘not for you’ and move on. They are only supposed to be helpful tools and not hard and fast ‘rules’. Have fun with it!

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