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iDivine.com is the interactive, free community-based “fun for the soul” website that outgrew it’s early, but eager beginnings on Sun-Angel.com (iDivine’s mothership since 1995!).

A major area of growth has been the NumberQuest Numerology reports, readings and numerology information. We needed a bigger playground (and server) in order to accommodate our every numerology whim! After some trial and error, iDivine.com was created to share the interactive oracles, numerology, tarot, astrology tools and information and also to sell our exclusive, in-depth NumberQuest Numerology and Soul Mate Synergy relationship compatibility readings.

Soulmate Synergy

You can find out all about Soul Mates, love potential, how your relationship “rates”, how to attract your soulmate and/or make your current relationship closely mimic a bonafide “soul mate” union. Visit: Soul Mate Synergy

Who writes the NumberQuest reports?

NumberQuest is a true labor of Love that has helped many individuals and couples to discover the deeper meaning of their Life’s Purpose and the soul dynamic that attracts their relationships.

Since 1995 the NumberQuest™ free and in-depth reports have been favorite numerology resources for millions around the world. You will find an alchemy of colorful information about yourself, friends, family and lovers past and present in our NumberQuest Numerology and Soul Mate Synergy sections.

Found Your Soulmate?

Soulmate Synergy reveals the deepest soul-bonds between you.
Are you with the partner whose name is written deep within your soul?
Check here and see!

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