Can numerology predict the death date?

Q: Hi there! this is a rather unusual question, can numerology determine the year a person is expected to die? I know this is not an appropriate question but I can guarantee you that I am a happily married mom of three beautiful children. I was listening to some friends one night over a dinner invitation talking about numerology and this subject came about. I think half of our company agreed that numerology can determine this while the other half said they were full of it! Can you help us settle this once and for all? We did agree that numerology determines many things but this sort of topic you never hear about! I appreciate your time and thank you very much.

A: I have to premise my answer with, ‘I’m not the final authority on the subject.” – obviously – but I have studied numerology for many years and I have to say that I’ve only run across one book/author who claimed that this was possible and I promptly shredded the pages (instead of just throwing it in the trash) so that no one could even accidentally find it again… The deepest part of me senses that our death is a mysterious matter that is just between us and our Creator. There may be many synchronistic phenomena numerologically or astrologically that have been in effect for some who have died – but those same elements could be ‘in influence’ preceding the birth of a child or quitting your job! I don’t believe we can – or should – know that information.

So I beware of anyone who claims to be able to determine this. For one thing – the power of our thought is ultimately Creative and self-fulfilling. I would almost prefer a pretend psychic who tells everyone that they’ll ‘come in to riches and will be happy for the rest of their days’ (this is fresh because I just got a letter in the mail yesterday that was all mass-produced like those ‘Ed McMahon’ Win 10 Million Dollars letters, and it was from a “psychic” who told me she had to write me right away because my name just “jumped off a page” and she wanted to share her psychic impressions with me – all good and prosperous news of course!… In the end, she was selling a rune necklace for my “protection”. I had to laugh at the absurdity – it was annoying and a little bit funny  – but also kind of scary because I thought about all of the people who will actually believe they need her necklace to protect them and that she might actually ‘know’ their future. I guess my point is, anyone who claims to know something about us – and that information frightens us or makes us feel anxious (even excited) – they are creating a sort of energy dependence out of our fear or excitement. Most of the time it’s on purpose (to sell you something), but, whether they know it or not, they are attempting to “feed” on your life energy and many are manipulated this way. So something as personal and ultimate as our death date, is not something I would give my ‘power’ to another to find out about. Number one, I truly don’t believe another can know our ‘result’. We can tell you the ‘influences’ and the particular tendencies of your life periods, but two different people could have completely different experiences during the same number’s influence and yet both will have ultimately gained a similar understanding from it. One person may leave their body behind, another may leave their old life behind by ending a marriage or a job or by going on a life-transforming diet. Both are going through transformation and endings, but with different results and through different experiences.

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