Which Name is Really “Me”?

Q: Which name is really “me”? I’ve gone by my shortened name for 35 years and have never gone by my birth name. It seems like the shorter name my family and friends call me would define me more than the name I never even used. I like the way my birth name is described in my reading though. Both names feel like me. Help!

A: Your full name at birth is the name that holds all of the juicy information about who you are, your “essence”, what you’re doing here, how your aptitudes are balanced etc… Whereas your changed or shortened names tell you about qualities and talents you needed to develop to round out your birth name and very often to make up for any missing vibrations not included in your Birth Name. Ideally, a modified name also supports our Life Path. Modified names define qualities, people and experiences you are attracting into your daily experience. You can look at what was going on in the past by analyzing a past nic name or shortened or married name as well. You are correct, the longer you use a name, the stronger the name will effect your overall life.

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