Number 4

numerology-number-meaning-4Practical, orderly, patient, logical, hard-working, loyal, builder, steadfast, frugal, responsible, earthy, planner, materially creative, green thumb, even tempered.

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Correspondence Tables

Tarot Emperor
Astrology Saturn, Cancer, Earth
Rune Dagaz
I Ching Chin
Tree of Life Chesed, Love (Mercy)
Hebrew Letter Daleth, Mem
Shamanism Eagle, Whale, and Ram
Alchemy Water, Fire
Element Earth
Aura Red and Orange
Colors Spring Green, Deep Violet
Gemstone Emerald, Amethyst, Sapphire
Musical Note F#
Plane D/M-Physical, V-Intuitive
Temperament D,M,V-Balanced/Fixed
Months April
Week Day Thursday

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