Number 3

numerology-number-meaning-3Trinity, Union of Divine plus Human, Manifestation, Positive, Negative and Neutral, Expression, Subconscious Mind/Imagination, Creative, Optimistic, Enthusiasm, Expressive, Charming, Humor, Fun, Attractive, Friendly.

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Correspondence Tables

Tarot Empress
Astrology Jupiter, Gemini,Venus
Rune Uruz
I Ching Pi
Tree of Life Binah, Understanding
Hebrew Letter Gimel, Lamed
Shamanism Dove
Alchemy The four elements
Element Fire, Earth
Aura Pink, Blue and Gold
Colors Yellow, Orange and Crimson
Gemstone Topaz, Star Sapphire, Pearl
Musical Note E
Plane C,U-Intuitive, L-Mental
Temperament C,L-Balanced/Fixed, U-Dual/Mutable
Months March, December
Week Day Wednesday

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