Is my child is doomed to be cursed under the 4/8 cycle?

Q: My mother has studied Numerology for years, and recently I gave birth to my first child. She was born on Feb. 4, 2000, which she said is not a good thing. I don’t think she will tell me the truth of what her birthdate means because she does not want to hurt my feelings and worry me. Is there anywhere that I can go to talk to someone about this so that I don’t feel like my child is doomed to be cursed under the 4/8 cycle?

A: Hi Laura! hmmm… I don’t see this birthdate as negative in the least! I wonder what kind of numerology you mother studied? Many eastern methods (chaledean, vedic) assign astrological planets to the numbers and then compare the relationship between the planets. I have not found this to be as accurate for me – at least not in predicting day to day life, the Destiny and character of the person. The “malefic” or “good luck” influences of interacting planets is more often indicative of past life issues that create general challenges and opportunities in the current life. Basically, your daughter is ‘blessed’ with an 8 Life Path Destiny. She should be strong and self assured (make sure that her name is a higher number than 8. 22 would be excellent! Since you’ve probably already named her, her birth name will define ‘who’ she is at the core and any variation you add now (or later) would provide extra ‘tools’ that will assist her with her Life Path. So, if she has an odd number birth name Expression, you might want to change the lettering or give her a nick name that would give her an even number total so that she is not warring within herself (‘odd’ against ‘even’). It’s always helpful for her name to be a higher number than her Destiny because it means that her name contains all of the vibrations necessary to achieve her Destiny – easier. A name that adds up to be a smaller number than the Life Path does dot mean anything ‘bad’, it just means that her Life Path will take more effort to achieve because she is missing that number in her make up. If her name contains any ‘8’ assigned letters (h,Q,Z), this will help her too.

It’s important to remember that there are no ‘bad’ number Life Paths, only misunderstandings about how to live them out, and ill-preparedness due to an un-supportive name. Having an 8 Life Path Destiny is actually greatly benefited by having a 4 birthday. 4 is a very practical, organized person. Loyal, hard working, and honest. 8 is the number of the ‘Boss’. She will be learning about what it means to control things; money, people, resources etc… so this is why many books say that 8 is the number of the ‘executive’ or the head of the company. Her 4 birthday will give her the added ability to focus her attention and get things done – what better combination for a successful, creative woman? Your daughter will earn her success and prosperity by her own hard work, but this is not ‘bad luck’, the work will seem easier for her because it’s what she wants, and what makes her feel productive and happy. As I said before, make sure that her name helps her out. If it is made up of primarily odd numbers (1,3,5,7,9) – look at the birth name total (Expression), the vowel total (Soul Urge) and consonant total (Personality) – see if you can tweak it a little so that she gets more support from her name. Make sure to look at her total birth name (first, middle and last) to get her main core numbers and then look at what just her first name (as she will be called) vibrates to. There are many ‘remedies’ to help balance out name/birthdate imbalances – adding or subtracting letters, shortening or creating a “nickname”. Please try not to let the other interpretations frighten you. Your new daughter is a powerful soul who deliberately and joyfully came to learn many exciting new things. There are many many happy, wealthy, satisfied people born with 8 Life Path Destinies and 4 birthdays! She has every potential right now to be one of these and she will believe what you believe about her.

Wishing you love, laughter and awe-inspiring joy as you enjoy your beautiful new baby!

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