Is Number 8 a Tragedy Number?

Q: – I want to know the meanings of the numbers. I saw a numerologist on a t.v. show recently that said that (8) was a tragedy number. but now i’m having trouble remembering if it was another (7?) number. In the context she was referring to, it was the flight # of the airliner from new york to paris which exploded mid-air. I think the number was 800, but i’m not certain. thank you.

A: She was talking about flight 800. She was explaining that *8* followed by the two 0’s made it a “super-powered” *8* (which is what 0’s do.) *8* is the number of power, authority, big creations and enterprise. It’s also the number of karma and what you sow, you reap etc… It’s the tie to the 8th house in astrology that I think people hook onto. The astrological 8th house governs sex, death, transformation, inheritance, and “things you have no control over.” In numerology, 8 means “harvest” and “reward”, “abundance”, strength and intensification It is the number of bearing the fruit of your labors, abundance, multiplication of power…. nothing inherently “bad” unless all efforts previous to the 8 were destructive, then the 8 would bear the fruits of destruction. 800 is a triple-powered 8 and it may have been a matter of “amplification” of whatever was inherently wrong with the plane that led to the tragedy, if “800” had something to do with it. On a different plane it may have just attracted a lot of business men and women or wealthy, influential people (it was going to Paris.) Also, it surely wasn’t the only “flight 800” there ever was. I try to encourage people to go by their “gut” in all instances. Pay attention to numbers so you know the potential, but always verify everything inside of you. If I were looking for an address to have a successful business or a successful home-business, I’d find an 8 address right away! Or if I were naming a racehorse, I’d make sure it figured out to an 8 Expression, ensuring physical strength and lots of money. In other words, 8 is nothing to be automatically feared or avoided, only understood, respected, and used appropriately when possible – it’s not a “tragedy number.”

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