What does the number zero represent?

Q: Hello, the 0 represents The Fool. What else does the number zero represent – as in the year 2000? What does that 2000 represent?

A: The zero, in numerology is an ‘intensifier’ to a large degree. All vibrations are contained within it (rather than no vibration) and it is a sort of ‘wild card’ because of this. For the most part though, zero stands for; the Limitless, Unknowable, Truth, Purity, Love, All, Alpha and Omega, all possibility, First Cause, the Unmanifest, Unified Field, Source, Space, Consciousness, Cosmic Egg, God and attributes of God. So when we see a numbered followed by a zero, it is adding Power and protection to that number as well as a sort of ‘purity’ and intensification to the digit affected by zero. 2000 is followed by three zeros making it a triple-intensified 2! 2’s keywords are; : duality, yin (as in yin/yang) division, polarity, choice, gestation, subtlety, ‘behind the scenes’, cooperation, service, harmony, support, waiting, diplomacy, patience, psychic, intuition, adaptable, empathic, partnerships, security, mediator, comparison, receptive, helper, collecting and saving, reproduction, Balancer of Opposites, subconscious memory, positive and negative – opposites living in harmony or coming together to co-create a third entity/possibility. 2 is the Priestess and all feminine aspects. We should see ‘women issues’ rising up to the surface – in the limelight. ‘Women in power’ will no longer have to mean women acting ‘as men’ but rather the intuitive, diplomatic, cooperating, kind, forgiving, nurturing, as well as the sensuous, seducing, emotional, waxing and waning aspects of femininity will be/are being regarded as powerful and influential.

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