Do my numbers represent where I stand on a sliding scale?

Q: Very interesting site–thank you for the information. However, I cannot find what are the meanings of the numbers given to various aspects of the Name Analysis. For example, I got a 3 on Expression, a 6 on both Soul Urge and Personality. Do these numbers represent (a) where I stand on a sliding scale (10 is better than 1/one is better than 10) or (b) the sum of my name or (c) some other aspect ?

A: The number totals in your report represent the total sum calculated by adding the number values that are assigned to the letters of your name. The numbers are not “graded” as in 1 is better or higher than 9, but they do move in the numerical cycle from 1-9 and this is considered to be a repeating cycle of “evolution” where certain abilities, and perspectives are “mastered” through each number in the cycle. The cycle does “ascend” from 1 to 9, going from a simple (pure) vibration to the more complex. This could be seen as going from lower to higher the same way the musical octave shifts in vibration, from lower to higher frequency, but it’s not a contest of better or worse 🙂 Numerology is about symbolism and about a certain defined energy flows, cycles and patterns. In order to understand what it is saying, one must engage not only their mind, but also their heart and intuition. Numerology is much like a photograph that can be used to remind ourselves “who we are” and in this way we can be awakened to a whole new world of choices than we previously thought possible.

Your personal or “core” numbers (Expression, Soul Urge, Personality and Life Path Destiny) stay the same throughout your life. When you change or shorten your name it also has an effect on the people and experiences you attract to your life. Your “Cycles”, “Pinnacles” and “Challenges” also stay the same, but the Personal Year, Personal Month and Personal Day change according to the cycle 1-9. So if today is a “5” Personal Day for you, tomorrow will be a “6” Personal Day etc.. The Personal Day, Month and Year are figured according to your birth date and the calendar year so in a sense they are your own unique vibrations for that day, month or year.

In NumberQuest, the meaning of each number is defined in relationship to its aspect, for example: A #3 Soul Urge (aspect) will talk about how the #3 manifests as a persons hopes and secret desires and attractions. While a #3 Personality will talk about how the #3 manifests as a person’s outer personality and appearance. The top paragraph describes what the aspect means and the bottom paragraph describes the number’s influence according to that aspect.

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