Calculating Names from Non-English Alphabets

Q: Would you please explain how do you treat foreign language letters. For example, there are nine additional letters in my mother tongue (Polish): a, c, e, l, n, o, s, z, z having some accent mark over or below a letter. They are pronounced differently than a, c… Polish alphabet contains all English (or Latin) letters plus these once mentioned before – except v.

A: Modern numerology uses the ‘Pythagorean’ letter grid, which places the 26 letters of the English alphabet in their vibrationally correct places relating to the units/numbers 1-9.

The English alphabet (which is the same alphabet used in most western European languages) evolved roughly in this order: Egyptian/Cuneiform/Hieroglyphs>Phoenician>Hebrew>Greek>Roman>English. Another branch was born from Greek and that branch led to ‘Cyrillic’ languages like Russian, Serbian, Bulgarian and the Soviet languages. Many languages have alphabets that resemble the English alphabet with the addition of a few special characters and various accents etc..

These special characters have to be dealt with individually as it doesn’t work to apply a simplifying rule to all languages, such as, ‘just number your country’s alphabet according to the 1-9 grid.’ This way displaces letters which would’ve been in the right place to begin with! It throws everything way off.

Numerology works because of the relationship between each letter and it’s numerical equivalent and this has evolved over time to the alphabet many countries now use. There is a specific order – a definite ‘vibrational relationship’ which is perfectly aligned with the numbers: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and the following octaves of 10’s. This too has evolved and now we have the correct numbers/vibration to describe what the alphabetical letters had to do on their own in earlier times. In other words, ‘In the beginning’… ‘A’ stood for Aleph, Alpha, one, the first, active, initiation, the creative impulse etc… and it was used for describing 1 unit since they had no Arabic numeral system yet.

Basically, ALL languages that ‘look’ like the English alphabet are meant to line up to their numerical equivalents in the same way i.e., 1=A,J,S 2=B,K,T 3=C,L,U… Several languages, such as Turkish, Norwegian and others have added special elements and unique characters that are used to convey special changes in pronunciation. The ‘soft g’ you are asking about is actually silent and is used to carry the sound of the previous vowel (you know this but for the sake of other readers…) In this case it still plays the roll of ‘g’ in the numerology equation – it’s just a silent sounding ‘g’. Both ‘C’s, ‘I’s, ‘O’s, S’s, and U’s are also the same letter with a different slant on pronunciation. In English, we just use the same letter to represent all of the various sounds that letter makes. H can be silent as in “Herbs”, W can sound like ‘Wiggle” or be silent and carry the vowel as in ‘Glow’… the vowels can be long ‘ee’ or short ‘eh’ etc… But the letters are still the same letters and this would be the case in all languages that use the same Greek>Roman/Latin based alphabet system. There is another form of numerology that is used for obtaining further information about a subject and this is based on the phonetic ‘sounds’ of the words or names. In this way, a name spelling like ‘Angelia’ might be spelled as ‘Anjelea’, or how it sounds, in order to get some additional information about it’s vibration. This is not to be confused or mixed up with the way we get the core numbers for Pythagorean numerology which describes your Expression. Soul Urge, Personality etc..

**When using the NumberQuest report calculators for free and paid reports, be sure to enter your name into the form converting all of the letters into the English alphabet equivalent first. This is the best way to ensure the most accurate reading. If you are purchasing an in-depth reading, you may email me the full names involved and I will manually produce your report making sure it’s all accurately entered. You can send me your name information using the contact form on this website or send me a note as your order is processed 🙂

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