Is my Personal Day an 11 or a 2?

Q: I just have to comment on this. I saw this before and didn’t say anything about it but I just have to know now why there is a discrepancy between your infomation and the information presented at another Numerology website. Your Numerology Report is showng this for me today ….

Personal Day: 2

The report that I just ran at another site is showing this for me today ….

Personal Day: 11/2

Any ideas what is causing this discrepancy?

A: (Birth Date info was given) Yes, for today you would add your Personal Year *8* plus the calendar month *3* (March) and would get an *11/2* for your Personal Month. Then, each day of this month you would add 11 (not reduced to 2) plus the calendar day. 11 + 9 (for today) = 20 and you reduce it to 2 (2+0). The discrepency then is that the other site is reducing your 11 Personal Month down to a ‘2’ before adding the day, but then you end up with Master Numbers at the wrong times and no Master Numbers at the right times. You would only ever get to experience a sometimes accurate Master Number 11 day and never a Master Number 22 or 33 day.. 😉 Shortcuts jip you. In the same way, some books teach you to basically cross out all of the 9’s in order to get to a single digit total much faster. NumberQuest is known for accuracy and depth of analysis, so it’s important to me to make sure you are getting precise and accurate calculations – even for the free reports.

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