What is my soul number vs soul urge?

Q: If I have an 8 for a soul urge # what would tell me what my husband’s soul # is and visa versa. In other words that number tells us our soul urge not our actual soul #. How do you compare? How do we find the # that tells us what we are vs. what we urge? Does having the same expression number mean anything?

A: The Soul Urge tells you both what you desire in your heart and what you are on the soul level. The vowels describe the Soul “you” while the consonants describe the physical you. When we are talking about soulmates – people with whom we have soul ties, there is often a tie between their Soul Urges in some way. Some couples will have a Soul Urge connection *only* and this will often be found among couples who may have nothing else in common, yet can’t be without the other for some inexplicable reason. Co-dependency and other “dysfunctionality” is common here. Connections between the Expressions or Life Paths are another indication of compatibility and this is a very common tie that creates long term relationships. Connections here indicate that long term harmony is likely as the two people basically “see” from the same perspective. It is not as tempestuous as Soul Urge ties and usually endures for the long term. Personality ties are quick and powerful physical attractions that fade quickly if there are no other ties.

Your husbands Soul Urge will be found by getting his numbers at iDivine.com.

His Soul Urge tells you what his heart resonates to, as does your Soul Urge. If they are both odd numbers or both even numbers, there is harmony even if they’re not the same. If one is even and the other’s is odd, there is tension that can be very exciting at first and then can become irritating over the long term.

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