What if I only have my partners first and last name?

Q: Hi! On those soulmate reports, what if you didn’t know if you had someones full birth name? could you still get some correct information? (with their first and last name?)

A: You can look at your ‘Current Name Synergy report’ – which uses just the current, first and last names for both of you – to get accurate information about your attraction and day-to-day compatibility. Later, if you do get your partner’s birth name information, you would be able to understand a deeper level of compatibility and purpose, soul ties and karmic connections by reading your birth name Synergy report.

To really check out the true ‘Soul Mate’ connections, which can explain the deeper reasons why two people are attracted to one another as well as how they get along over the long term (which is influenced by our deeper nature found in our birth name) you’d have to look at the full names at birth (birth certificate names).

Many people think of themselves, as their ‘Current Name’, [“I am Rick Smith”] however, our original name sets up our life experience and details who we are, what we want and how we get it. [“I am Richard Michael Smith”]. It can be a valuable ‘blueprint’ for learning about who we really are and what our purpose is. When we look for a partner, it is our deepest self that is searching and too often, our current name personality who is ‘finding’. When we meet someone who resonates with our Soul, and our deeper self, there is an inner ‘bell’ that goes off inside. That ‘bell’ is what people refer to when they say, “I just ‘knew’ she was the one I was going to marry”… So the Soul Mate Synergy report can be very useful for understanding important dynamics between both; the Birth Names and the Current Names when you keep the correct perspective about each.

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