My birth certificate says “Baby Girl”

Q: My entire first, middle, and last name has been changed to something different from my name on my birth certificate. Actually, the name on my original birth certificate is “Baby Girl Hawkins” because I was adopted. I was then named by my adoptive parents, and I then changed my name completely at the age of 23. I do feel that my life is different now after the name change, so I am wondering if I shouldn’t use my current name for a numerology reading, and if not, which do I consider my birth certificate name? I would like to find this out before I order a synergy report.

A: As outrageous as it might sound, your ‘Birth Certificate’ name is “Baby Girl Hawkins”. This is the official name that you arrived on this planet to.. So you would read that description to find out about the original ‘you’ – which plays on, however silently, under the currents of your outer life. Your Birth Name will always have it’s effect on you no matter how many times you change your name. In the case of someone adopted very near to birth, I would weigh the adopted name as next in importance. Adopted names, nicknames, married names and intentionally changed names all have a powerful effect on ‘how your life plays out’ and how you grow and develop through life. Your adopted name would show you what talents and traits were being called out of you and developed in order to get you through that portion of life. When you changed your name at 23 (a powerful number of ‘change’ in itself) you were actually giving birth to a ‘new you’ – a totally new set of traits that would in turn, attract the experiences of your life from then forward. Interestingly, any time a name is ‘legally’ changed, as in: adoption, marriage or legally changing your name yourself, it holds a more powerful energy than if you just begin to use a different name. I’m not sure why that is, except for maybe it’s deemed to be ‘recognized’ by a “Higher Power” (at least in society – recognized by the Governing power) if it’s a ‘legal’ act. As below, so above? So I believe that all names are important to look at and understand, but the actual ‘Birth Certificate Name’ is the only name that will give you your ‘Core’ essence numbers and it’s the name I use initially for my Soul Mate Synergy reports. I compare the deepest selves of each to find the deeper connections drawing them together. Many people also get a report using their current names too and that tells them a lot more about their ‘day-to-day’ compatibility. If you have more number-synergy with a person using your current names, for example than your Birth Names, that is telling you that you have a relationship that is based more upon the outer expression of your developed social personalities that you have developed throughout life and this type of connection is obviously not as ‘soul-stirring’ as if you shared synergy between your Birth Names. “Nurture vs Nature” so to speak. Both are important and play a key role in all relationships.

Should I use my adopted name or my birth name?

Q: I am adopted – but I know my real name given to me at birth. Is it more appropriate to use that name – or the name my adoptive parents gave me and that I grew up with? I was only about 2 months old when my adoptive parents got me. My intuitive sense told me to use the name I was born with – even if it was for only 2 months? Any thoughts? Thanks so much.- N.P.  PS: Using (birth name) seemed pretty accurate – as far as an analysis of who I am .

A: You are right. Your birth name is the most accurate name to use. It defines the tools and talents you have innately as well as the types of people and experiences you are likely to attract. Your adopted name is important too, as an overlay of additional vibrations that can assist you in life. I also have an adopted last name. It’s much the same as a married name in that it’s important as an indication of what I’m choosing to learn and what aspects of my essential nature are being emphasized with the use of this new name.

More about name changes:

The birth name, represents the “original blueprint” for you in life. Much valuable information can be derived from it. The adopted name represents a sort of “overlay” of vibrational influence which your soul chose to *amend* your original blueprint. So an adoptee benefits both from the genetic contribution of the birth parents and the special addition of the adoptive parent’s influences. I have met people who’s birth name was very “earthly” – that is, very focused on day-to-day life, who’s adopted name had a very spiritual-mindedness and focus. This naturally would create friction due to the contrast but eventually creates a deeply compassionate individual, able to be rooted in the earth and understand pain, while also being aware of the spiritual “big picture” and the evolutionary process. The reversal can happen too of course, and the adopted name is the kite string that grounds the too higher-minded individual (this was the case for me and my adoptive father’s contribution.)

If a person does not know their birth name, or if they were adopted “nameless”, this is perfect for their life-process as well. It’s not mandatory that you know the birth name, just important if you do ? It works in a similar way for people who change their names by choice or through marriage, though the influences will take time to be felt. You have had your adopted name most of your life so it’s effects will seem prominent and your birth name attributes will be felt as an underlying theme of either hidden desires or areas of resistance and denial… That part only you can determine and work with if you wish.

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