Master Numbers are highly charged frequencies that have the potential to tap into the universal ‘archetypes’ of mastery, leadership, healing and creativity wherever they are found. The energy that is accessible to those working with Master Numbers is of a ‘higher’, more refined quality and is therefore associated with the highest potentials of humankind, such as; spiritual enlightenment and leadership, fine art and invention, healing, compassion, philanthropy, humanitarian causes, fair judgment and so on. Having a Master Number means that we have the built-in potential to draw upon a Higher Power but we also have the free will to choose it’s reduced expression (11, would be 2, 22 would be 4, 33 would be 6 and 44 would be 8).

When fully experienced in the positive, the Master Numbers are portals to ‘Heaven’ for the ultimate purpose of bringing a particular aspect of Heaven to Earth. This is the potential role of a person working with Master Number energy.

Number 11

Number 22
Number 33
Number 44
Number 55
Number 66
Number 77
Number 88
Number 99