Letter B

numerology-letter-meaning-letter-BB is the numerical equivalent of 2 and represents the first duality, the energy bouncing between two opposites; bombastic and benign. Emotionally triggered reactions bursting forth from balanced containment. In the Hebrew alphabet B means “house” – a box (a home base) with boundaries for emotionally bonded people and things. B’s beautiful side is bountiful, benevolent, bonafied and enjoys bonding activities. Negatively, B can be beligerant, brutal and brash – a big bully.

B is bold and brave in battle or when it needs to protect it’s belongings and brood. Some words that best describe B are: benevolent, beautifying, balance, bright, brace, bulwark, buttress, baby, bunting, benefactor, busy bee, business, bank, blunt, boastful, bickering, balm, bear, bull-headed, beaver, back, boss, bawl, bellow, banter, bless…

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