The Number of Your Dwelling

The Numerology of your Home

How to judge a house by it’s number

Think back to all of the homes you’ve lived in. Each had a personality of it’s own. Some were quieter and cozier and you lived there during a time of contemplation, study or even deep loneliness. Others were brighter, open and inviting and it seemed like all of the kid’s friends, relatives and neighbors thought so too. You may have been inspired to decorate that one very differently and when you lived there your life was active, sociable and filled with many comings and goings. The number of our homes have a verifiable significance, especially noticeable after living in them for awhile. Apartments and hotel rooms also exert a noticeable influence if you’re able to stay long enough to perceive it. I have a friend who recently went to a conference in another city and was going to speak about a subject she knew very well; how to hold your family together after the loss of a baby to SIDS. Upon arriving at the hotel she and her daughter found that the room they were given was “911” and they certainly got to experience the profound meaning of that number as grieving conference participants visited them all throughout the night.

The number of the home is found by adding the numbers of your house number in sequence until you have a single or double digit. You then add the two digits together to get a single number. An example would be the house number 306. You would add 3+0+6=9 so *9* would be the number of that home. Another example would be 16678. 1+6+6+7+8= 28 2+8=10 1+0=1. So that home’s number would be *1*. Whenever you have an 11, 22 or 33 as the house or apartment number or as the double digit, do not reduce it again. It is a unique number all it’s own. The individual digits have meaning as well and they are actually like the different “ingredients” that make up the single cookie. For now we will look at the “cookie” though as it determines the overall energy of the home. Many times we will find ourselves attracted to homes that match our own vibration in an important way. These are the homes and apartments we remember as harmonious and filled with great memories. These houses feel most like “home” to us.

An “inharmonious” home or one that vibrates to an incompatible number for us, will feel lonely, foreign or noisy. We will not want to be there or will find ourselves irritable, depressed and restless while there. Very often our homes and temporary housing provide a valuable impetus for us to develop an area of our lives which has been lacking. For example, I was living in an *8* townhouse when my business was started. Before moving there, I neither had the idea nor the desire to write NumberQuest. I just studied numerology a whole lot for a long time and did peoples charts. I chose the *8* home intentionally, (much to the chagrin of the realtor) so I could attract the opportunities to learn how to handle money and responsibility and that’s exactly what unfolded.

On the following page are some general descriptions of what may be found under the influence of the numbers of your home. Look at the descriptions of each individual number in your house or apartment number as well to get an idea of the additional “flavors” making up the single vibration.

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