Letter C

numerology-letter-meaning-letter-CC is the creative force collected, coordinated and communicated. The letter C evolved from the Egyptian hieroglyph of sharp hunting stick a sort of boomerang shaped cutting tool. Hunting is a social activity that used to provide for the good of the community. Chivalry, chastity and championing a cause are other ways that C stands up and expresses itself. C can be changeable like a cat or a chameleon and it is cerebral, clever and crafty with the words and ideas that it conveys with charisma.

Some words the clearly describe C are: communicate, clever, comedy, clarity, chameleon, classical, clean, crisp, charming, caretaker, chief, cerebral, cut, color, carrot, carat, cactus, click, concise, carbon, clash, contrast, commercial, celebrity, club, cliche, candy, community, clamor, celebrate, clinic, cleric, clandestine, campy, church, charm, capital, capable, connubial, conjugal, connection, chakra, compassion…

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