Which name should I use for Soulmate Synergy?

Q: Which name should I use for Soulmate Synergy? Our birth certificate or daily names?

There is a lot of interesting Synergy information found in comparing both our birth name totals and our modified or current name totals. The birth name influence is always about our deeper selves while our modified names are more superficial. By superficial, I mean that when we attract a person, job etc.. from it’s resonance only to our modified name, it never feels completely real or permanent. But when we attract from our birth ‘essence’ (birth name vibrations), these are are truly significant relationships and experiences in life. They are the experiences that effect us deeply – for better or worse. So unless your modified or current name is of the same vibraton as your birth name, you will experience some confusion between what you attract superficially and what/who truly resonates with your essence. The people and experiences in life that resonate with your birth name vibrations or your Life Path Destiny create the BIG loves, life changes, lessons and evolutionary leaps. To answer your question though, I always recommend you compare your Birth Names (names as they are written on your birth certificates) first and then if you are interested in looking further, read your Current Names Synergy report for more information about your day to day compatibility. Go from inner to outer.

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