In Depth Personal

 Find out about your life purpose, your greatest talents, your true inner self versus the image you project, what you truly want and your quickest route to the love, success and happiness that you desire! In-Depth Personal Numerology reading is both Name Consciousness and Birth Mission together in one comprehensive, personalized report.

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 Name Meaning

 Learn about the true meaning of your name, presented in an in-depth yet easy to understand report. A powerful, lucky and talented name is MUCH more than it's origin or it's historical popularity. The true, "attractive factor" of your name is in the vibration of it's letters and the magnetic resonance that this creates.

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 Life Purpose

 What if you could be shown a shortcut that could get you well on your way to fulfilling your true Life Purpose?The one that you were born to do. Your Birth Mission is the ultimate destination of your life journey. It describes the kind of person you are meant to become in order to fulfill your destiny.

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 Soulmate Synergy

  Soulmate Synergy Love Compatibility readings  are the only numerology reports in the world to offer several exclusive soul mate determining aspects: Synergy, Soul Mate Ties, Karmic Connections, Magic Wands (your lucky numbers together), color codes, double and triple digit interpretations, Master Numbers, Testing Numbers and more!

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Who is iDivine?

iDivine is the home of exclusive, NumberQuest Powered Numerology in-depth readings and Soul Mate Synergy relationship compatibility reports. is the interactive, free “fun for the soul” website that outgrew it’s early, but eager beginnings on (iDivine’s mothership since 1995). We needed a bigger playground (and server) in order to accommodate our every whim! So, after some trial and error, was created to share inneractive oracles, numerology, tarot, astrology tools and information.


customer feedback

These reports were so helpful and healing for me, I find myself wanting to buy them for everyone in my life that means something to me, or people I connect with.

PHENOMENAL! Our Soulmate Synergy report blew us both away. Thank you SO MUCH for spelling it all out so clearly. It fit us both to a T! – RK

Thank you for the report, it completely surpassed my expectations, and was ‘us’ spot on. Keep up the good, intelligent work. – SS

Everything in that report was exactly as I have always intuited and for the first time I feel like the divine has confirmed it through this report by a chance finding of your website. The price is excellent, many companies would rip you off for a report as lengthy as that. Thank you, it’s just amazing what happens when you follow your intuition. – SB

OMG you’ve moved me to tears! It’s so dead-on.. It’s so emotionally moving.. There are things that you’ve said that I’ve never expressed to ANYONE.. and things that people know about me – resolutely – to be true! It’s ASTOUNDING! LS

I love your soul mate reports and think they’re right on target! – MH

This relationship report is amazing!! Thank you so very much. I will certainly forward your information to several friends. Stay well and be blessed! AM

Absolutely incredible!!!! my soul mate reading was “right on the money!!” there really is something to all of this …. God Bless you… M.F.M

I just received my Soul Mate Synergy Reading. It was the most logical and right on thing I have ever seen. This is truly a find on the web! I have bookmarked it, so I can return. And I most definitely will! Thank you – L.H

I am absolutely delighted with my numerology reading! Your relationship numerology report is by far the best and easiest to understand that I have experienced on the net and I have been searching awhile. TL

Your relationship compatibility numerology is wonderful! Thank you so much for this service! I have been scouring the web for three days and this soul mate report is the first to give me some solid feedback. – DS

I have just gotten my first soul mate synergy numerology reading and it is astounding how right on the mark. – KP

I can’t believe how accurate the name compatibility reading was from only our names and birth dates!! Wow! – TS

I have come to your site many times, and taken those free name meaning reports of yours. I have no idea how it is that you do it, but everything that I read of myself was 100% accurate, to the very letter. Almost as if it was myself who wrote that. I find it very disturbing, in the best possible sense. But also, I find it makes this site FULLY authentic, and many kudos for that.

I’m a Life Coach and I recommend these reports to all of my clients as the first step in discovering the work they were meant to do.

I ran across your site today and thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your website. I especially liked your outstanding numerology resources. – LM

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I greatly appreciate your promptness in fixing this order and the report is very enlightening.. – AD

I just love your readings!! They have really evolved into something quite beautiful as most surely a reflection of the beautiful soul writing them!! – JB

Oh, what a lovely report, it really seems to describe us in such exact detail.. – JB

Obviously, there are different ways to add the numbers. Your way seems to fit those I know well – myself included – better than others I have tried. Thanks again! – DB

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